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Combines my love of cooking with my passion for how food is grown and raised.

Located in the heart of rural Whatcom County, Good To Go Meat Pies works with many local farmers who grow the organic vegetables that make our pasties taste so great. Since our opening in 2012 we have shifted our meat purchases to Farms and Co-ops who focus on natural, humanely raised animals without the use of antibiotics. We proudly list all these farms on our menu. Our commitment to sourcing locally and making delicious food using only the best ingredients has helped us create a loyal following. We look forward to sharing our pasties, the perfect meal wrapped up in our famous buttery crust!

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Precautions for COVID-19

Good To Go Meat Pies wants to assure you that the health and safety of our staff and customers is top of mind. We have increased our already high standard of cleanliness in our kitchen. Sanitizing of surfaces is diligently performed along with increased hand-washing and a zero-tolerance policy for staff regarding working if they show symptoms of illness. Both our locations are open with Curb-Side Service. At this time we no longer accept cash purchases. If you cannot order online please call us and we can help you place your order over the phone. We look forward to serving you and appreciate your continued support.


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