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Meet Holly Bevan-Bumford, the creator of the best tasting pasty this side of Michigan.
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My family is from Michigan where the tradition of the Cornish Pasty is still going strong. We moved to Everson when I was pretty young and I feel very fortunate to have grown up in such a beautiful farming community. My love of baking started early on in my life, I spent many joyful days baking with my grandmother Audrey, who taught me to make apple pies and cookies. 

Juggling a busy family life I knew the challenges of trying to keep up with soccer games and school events, while still making sure to have a healthy quick meal for us. This helped me see a need for other busy families. A friend taught me to make pasties and the rest is history.

Committed to local.

I love this area and the hard working people who are my friends and neighbors. Good-to-Go Meat Pies is all about feeding the best quality food to hungry people on the go. We are proud to support the local farmers and producers whose labors make our product what it is. That support comes back to us daily in our loyal customers who value high quality food. Our fruits and veggies come from local farms such as Broad Leaf Farm, Terra Verde, Hopewell Farm, and Cloud Mountain Farm Center during the growing seasons. During winter months, Good-To-Go purchases produce from locally-owned grocers such as the Community Food Co-op. We also work hard to source meat from local farms that has been humanely raised without any antibiotics. Items like flour, beef, cheese, pork, lamb, and chicken are sourced year-round from producers like Fairhaven Organic Flour Mills, Meadow Fed Farms, and Appel Farm.

Everson Farmers
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Sustainability Award 2017

Thinking Local First

Sustainable Connections recognizes Good-to-Go Meat Pies for being an incredible example of how a restaurant can thrive and support other local businesses at the same time.