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Meat Pasties

Good-To-Go Meatpies
This Empanada is a spicy twist on the classic pasty flavor.  We [...]
Beef Pasty
This is the meat pie that Good to Go is built on. [...]
Lamb Pasty
Very similar to our beef pasty, a salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce gravy [...]
Chicken Pot Pie Pasty
Our top selling pasty! Everything you would expect in a chicken pot [...]
Pork Empanada
This Empanada is a spicy twist on the classic pasty experience.  We [...]
Italian Pasty
The Pasty answer to a calzone. Italian Sausage, Roasted Bell Peppers, Mushroom, Onions, [...]

Veggie Pasties

Vegan Pasties
Enjoy the satisfying spice and textures of the South West in this [...]
A beautiful hand crafted pasty
This is the vegan version of our meatless Veggie Pasty. We use [...]
Veggie Pasty Good to Go Bellingham
If you love mushrooms you will find our Veggie Pasty to your [...]
Artisan Hand Pies
Our tasty yellow Indian curry sauce combined with lentils, oven roasted red [...]
Broccoli Cheddar Pasty
In season we use local organic broccoli that we oven roast and [...]

Breakfast Pasties

Good Morning Pasty
This is the ultimate breakfast pasty for busy people on the go!


Good to Go Meat Pies Sweets
Our classic Cherry Turnover is a Good To Go sweets favorite, all [...]
Key Lime Tart Good to Go
A classic refreshing dessert, tangy and creamy. A Good to Go favorite.
Good to Go Sweets
A decadent pecan bar with rich shortbread crust.

Customer Picks

Enjoy a classic meat pie, or tasty dessert.