We Changed Our Name!

Good-to-Go Meat Pies is now Holly’s Meat Pies.


Rest assured we are providing the same great pasties that reflect owner Holly’s love of cooking and sourcing locally!

Originally, I started my business as Holly’s Kitchen, but feeling a little shy to put my own name on the title and since we were opening a “To Go” business primarily I opted to call it Good To Go Meat Pies.

Over the nine years since opening, we have enjoyed great success bringing our wholesome food to all of you. Our menu grew to include soups, salads and quite a number of desserts. The number and variety of our Pasty offerings also grew.

We now have two locations, the original production kitchen in Everson and our new shop on Commercial St. in Bellingham. Along with those we have been members of both the Bellingham and Everett Farmers Markets for many seasons.

It’s all been tremendous. Although 2020 has been a difficult year for us all due to Covid –19, it has forced us to change our business model from one of dine-in service – to curbside pick-up. Along with this we streamlined our offerings so that we can concentrate more fully on providing healthy pre-cooked frozen meals, while still serving the pies hot as well.

So, coming full circle, in addition to our simplifying our operations, I have proudly decided to change our name, back to my original intent – Holly’s Meat Pies. I hope it is a name that will resonate with my commitment and focus in bringing the best possible ingredients from local farms to your table.


Holly of Holly's Meat Pies


  1. Holly,

    Congratulations on your new name!!

    Denis (and Ruth, in spirit)

  2. A rose by any other name . . . .
    Congratulations, Holly, on the name change. Why not toot your own horn! Your pies are delicious! I’m so glad you managed to stay afloat in our area and are going strong.

  3. Holly! Congratulations and good to take back your original name! Your pasties are a standout and you should take credit for all your hard work. Your pasties are the best!

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